Does your pet have
bad breath?

PlaqClnz® goes to the bacterial source and eliminates the plaque and tartar that cause bad breath.

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Why should you be concerned with your pet’s oral health?

Ongoing research shows the link between oral health and overall health. Keeping your pet’s teeth and gums healthy allows them to eat normally, keeps their breath fresh and can add up to five healthy years to your pet’s life.

Pet bad breath is often overlooked, but it’s actually one of the first signs of oral disease.

“At any one time, 80% of all dogs and 70% of all cats show signs of dental and oral health diseases. Regular dental care can add as much as five years to a pet’s life.”
— American Veterinary Dental Society

PlaqClnz eliminates pet’s bad breath, protects oral health and helps add up to five healthy years to your pet’s life.

Be sure to tell your groomer if your pet has noticeable bad breath or any problems with chewing, loss of appetite, uneaten food, food dropping from the mouth or pawing at the mouth or face.

Steps to ensure optimal Pet Oral Health.

Groomers: visit to find out how you can use the
PlaqClnz Oral Cleansing System in your salon to improve pet oral health.

“As a professional groomer I only want the best for my clients. I tested PlaqClnz products for a month on my own dogs before offering it to my clients. I was amazed! Even if it didn't remove the plaque (which it does) the first thing I noticed was my mini poodle's breath was so much improved that alone was worth the $20! Even my husband noticed!”
Glenda Szkrybalo, Howell, MI